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Meet Our Team

Whitney and Sara have been soul sisters for over a decade. Each has had their own struggles. They have made good choices and poor choices. They have seen moments of greatness and have also been beaten down by life. By supporting each other and calling upon their inner strength and resilience, they have both become warriors in their own right. They are not afraid to step into the ring and will always get back up. They are honored to utilize their training and experience to help others. Bring it.

Whitney Cherner, LCSW


We have all had those mornings when you wake up and think, "this isn't how I thought my life would look..." On those mornings, you have two choices: pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep or call Warrior Within. The reality is that sometimes despite our best intentions life...just...happens.

I specialize in helping individuals become the best version of themselves. By working with me, you will be able to gain insight into where you are in your life and develop a plan for where you want to go. I believe that you have all the answers within you, and I am willing to ask the difficult questions to help you unlock them. If you have forgotten who you are, I will help you remember. If you never knew, we will explore the unknown together.

I offer coaching and counseling on a variety of life issues including addiction, codependency, coping skills, core beliefs, divorce, life coaching, relationship issues, self-worth, and vulnerability.


I am a single mother of four, marathon runner, and dog mama to two rescues. I believe you should do something that makes you uncomfortable on the daily.

Whitney’s Personal Mantra: “Remember who the hell you are.”

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience in mental health. I specialize in anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder management, codependency, domestic abuse, trauma, relationship issues, and self-


Sara Walsh, LCSW

esteem. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help my clients change the way they think, which changes how they feel, thus changing the way they interact with the world. 

My counseling/coaching style is warm and compassionate as well as interactive. Many of my clients have said "You tell it like it is, Sara. That is why I like working with you." I help my clients connect the dots from their childhood to their adulthood, understand why they are who they are, gain insight, and heal. My motto is, “The two things in life that you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort.”


I am the mother of two teenagers, as well as two dogs (Charlie, a Great Dane, and Penelope, a rescue mix), and a cat named Freddie. I enjoy cooking, my family, being outdoors, and volunteering at Great Dane Rescue. Self-care and balance are important to me and I strive for this daily.  


Sara’s Personal Mantra: "There isn’t a problem that can’t be solved."

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